Add a Customer Review Form to a Page/Post

You can add the customer review form to any page or post of your website using the WP Customer Reviews meta box on the Add/Edit Page/Post page of the WordPress Control Panel.

  • Login to the WordPress Control Panel.
  • Click "Pages" or "Posts" from the left-hand side bar.
  • Choose an existing Page/Post, or create a new Page/Post using the "Add New" button.
  • Scroll down to the WP Customer Reviews meta box and check the "Enable WP Customer Reviews for this page" checkbox.
  • Optionally (but highly recommended) fill out the rest of the form fields with information about your business or product.

The page will now display the "Create your own review" button and average star rating.

When a visitor clicks the "Create your own review" button the Customer Review form is displayed.

Newly submitted Customer Reviews are marked as Pending and not displayed on your website until they are approved/published by you or another website editor.

Click here to learn how to approve/publish customer reviews.

After reviews have been approved/published, they will appear on the selected page/post of your website.

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