UPDATE: New Web Server (S19) is In Production

Update 9/18/17 @ 10:30 AM

Our newest web server is now in production! 

As we continue the migration process we will send an additional notification with a link to this Support Center article. Check our Support Center anytime by visiting https://support.practisinc.com.


What You Need to Know

  • No action is required of you at this time.  

  • Visit our Migration Tool to check if your website is affected by this migration. As we begin the actual website migration process we update the Migration Tool and this post.

  • Domain name record changes will not be necessary as existing IP addresses will not be changed.

  • Please note, if your website uses third party software or features, we may need to update the code associated with these features so that they function properly on the new server. If you are not currently under a maintenance agreement, time spent to update code may be billable.

This is a routine maintenance effort as we are retiring one of our older servers. As server hardware and software become outdated, we do our best to move customers to new systems. This is a common practice for any web hosting company. The objective is to ensure hardware and software stay current.

Migration Schedule

Please check the migration schedule by visiting https://practisinc.com/account-migration/

When your website has been scheduled to be moved, we ask that you hold all website edits until the migration process has been completed.  Check the schedule for your website by visiting https://practisinc.com/account-migration

Customers that have websites on the server being replaced have been notified by email.  As we begin the actual website migration process we will update the Migration Tool  to inform customers of the scheduled change.  We encourage you to check our Migration Tool to obtain scheduling details.

Does this migration impact my website?

  • You can check If your website was affected by this migration by visiting https://practisinc.com/account-migration
  • Enter your website domain name without the ( www. ) to see if your website will be moved to the new server. 
  • If your website will be migrated a Status notice will be presented.
  • Please refer to this Status information as we will update the details of your website migration.



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