Profile Settings (changing email or password)

Your profile contains information about you (your “account”) as well as some personal options related to using WordPress.

Editing Your Profile

Log in to your WordPress Administration Panel (Dashboard). Then go to Profile from your dashboard:

You can change your password, turn on keyboard shortcuts, change the color scheme of your WordPress administration screens, and turn off the WYSIWYG (Visual) editor, among other things. You can hide the Toolbar (formerly called the Admin Bar) from the front end of your site, however it cannot be disabled on the admin screens.

Your username cannot be changed, but you can use other fields to enter your real name or a nickname, and change which name to display on your posts.

You can log out of other devices, such as your phone or a public computer, by clicking the Log Out Everywhere Else button.

Required fields are indicated; the rest are optional. Profile information will only be displayed if your theme is set up to do so.

Remember to click the Update Profile button when you are finished.

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