Job Categories

List of all posted jobs according to their categories and general disciplines i.e. ‘Software’, ‘Teaching’, ‘Pharmaceutical’, etc

To access categories page

  1. Login to ‘Admin Console’.
  2. From left side options, select ‘Categories’ under ‘Job Board’ menu.

Create a Job Category

  • On Categories page click add new at top
  • Enter Title at the top
  • Slug should be auto generated(Do not change unless necessary)
  • To save click the “Save Changes” button.

Edit a Job Category

  • Click on Category’s name
  • Change title to new name
  • Click change to next to slug to edit this. Follow rules stated under field
  • To save click the “Save Changes” button.

Remove a Job Category

  • There must be no jobs with the category that you want to remove
  • Hover over the title of the category.
  • Select delete to remove.

Category Details

Title: Name used to identify the job category

Slug: URL-friendly version of the name. It is all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens.

Total Jobs: Total number of jobs posted for the selected job category.

Total Resumes: (Turned off) Total number of candidates applied for the selected job category.


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