Jobs - How to Add, Edit, and Delete

This is a list of all jobs created for the board.

To access the job list, perform following steps.

  1. Login to ‘Admin Console’.
  2. From left side options, select ‘Jobs’ under ‘Job Board’ menu.

Create a Job

  • On Jobs page click add new at top
  • Enter job details in main content
  • Add publish and expiration details on the right sidebar
  • To save click the “Update” or “Update Job” button.

Edit a Job

  • Click on job’s title
  • Edit details in main content area
  • Edit Publish and Expiration on the right
  • To save click the “Update” or “Update Job” button.

Remove a Job

  • Removing a job will also remove all applications to that job
  • Hover over the title of the job.
  • Select delete to remove.

Job Details

Position Title: Title of the Job.

Company Name: Name of company that posted the particular job.

Category: The category the particular job is labeled under.

Job Type: Indicates whether posted job is ‘Full Time’, ‘PartTime’ or ‘Internship’.

Price: The amount paid to post this particular job (Almost always free).

Expires Date: The date the job stops showing on front page.

Applications: The current number of applicants for the job.

Status: Current status of the job posting.

  • Active: All jobs that are available/viewable on current date.
  • Unread: Any jobs, which are posted from site but yet to be read on admin panel.
  • Awaiting Approval: For any jobs listing for which approval is still pending then it will show those jobs as ‘Awaiting Approval’.
  • Inactive: The particular job is not posted.
  • Expiring Soon: Any job posting that expires within 2 or 3 days.
  • Expired: Any job expired on the present date


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