Event Transactions

View Event Transactions

  • Go to Event Espresso => Transactions. This page shows all tickets which have been purchased with Event Espresso.
  • Click the transaction you wish to view or edit. This page shows details for a specific transaction in Event Espresso.

Transaction Details Table

Transaction Items

This area of the table shows information about any events that were included in this transactions.

  • Line Item ID
    Shows the session ID for this transaction.
  • Event Name
    Shows the name (title) of the event.
  • Event Date
    Shows the date and time that the event begins.
  • Ticket Option
    This is the name of the ticket that was selected.
  • Price
    Shows the price for each ticket.
  • QTY
    Shows the quantity of tickets for this event.
  • Line Total
    Shows the total based on the quantity of tickets multiplied by the price of each ticket.
  • Taxes
    Shows any taxes that have been applied. May be listed as a sales tax or a federal tax.
  • Transaction Total
    The total after any discounts and surcharges have been applied.

Transaction Session Details

  • Registration Session
    Shows the registration session. This is an internally used value.
  • Transaction placed from IP
    Shows the the IP address that was used for a registration.
  • Registrant User Agent
    Shows information about the registrant's computer and web browser.

Attendees Registered

Attendees Registered in this Transaction

  • #
    Shows the registrant number in the group. For example, 1 of 1 means that there was a single registrant. 1 of 2 means that this registrant is the first to register of the the two registrants in the group.
  • Event Name and Ticket
    Shows the name (title) of the event and the name of the ticket associated with this event.
  • Registrant
    Shows the name of the registrant.
  • Ticket Price
    Shows the price for each ticket.
  • Email
    Shows the email address for the registrant.
  • Address
    Shows the address for the registrant.

Primary Registrant & Billing Information

Primary Contact

Shows contact information about the primary registrant.

  • Name
    Shows the name of the primary contact.
  • Email
    Shows the email for the primary contact.
  • Phone #
    Shows the phone number for primary contact.
  • Address
    Shows the address for the primary contact.

You can edit information about an Registrant by clicking on the View/Edit this Contact link.

Billing Information

Shows the billing information associated with this transaction.

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