Google Apps: Email for my Website / Domain Name

This document provides information related to email services that maybe associated with your website. Please note, Practis Inc does not provide email support for your desktop applications.

Google Apps Resources

There are quite a few resources available for using and managing your Google Apps Account.  Be sure to check out the “Help” resources available within your account as well as the Administrative Account that was created for your Google Apps.

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Creating a Google Apps Email Filter

If your web site includes a “Contact Form”, Secure Patient or Physician Form, Patient Satisfaction Survey or other application that sends email notices to a designated Google Apps email account like info @ <your domain name>, please follow the instructions below for creating an email filter for each email address that is configured to accept the notification.

The purpose of the filter is to ensure that email notifications sent from your web site are not flagged as spam.

The information that you enter into the filter criteria will depend on the web server that your site is hosted on. If you are not sure what information should be used, please contact our office by emailing: support @ or calling 585-225-3340

To be safe, you can create a filter to accommodate each web server.

Current Servers Include:

Figure 1

For this example we will use the generic email address associated with most “Contact Us” forms. This email address is typically configured as (info @ <your domain name>).

As presented in Figure 1 above:

  • Login to the email address.
  • Go to the “Settings” link and select the “Filters” tab.
  • Once within the “Filters” area, click the “Create Filter” button.
  • Next, enter the web server information appropriate to your web hosting account into the criteria text box labeled “Has the words“.
    • This maybe;, or
    • To be safe, you may want to create a filter for both.
  • Once done, click the “Next Step” button. (Refer to Figure 2 below)
  • On the next screen, check the box “Never send to Spam“. This is the primary action that you need to identify.
  • When you have applied your desired actions, click “Create Filter”.
  • Once that has been completed, the filter will ensure that email notifications sent from the website application are no longer flagged as spam.
  • You are encouraged to test your new filter by submitting a form request through your website.

Figure 2

For additional information of Google Apps Filters or other Account Settings, please visit the Google Apps Support Center by clicking “Help” within your user account. Or Visit:

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