Linking Files - Finding File Link Code

After you have uploaded a file, such as a .pdf document, into one of the three folders, you will want to find out what the link to that file is for use on the content pages.

To do this, you will want to open up a second browser window in the CMS and go to the file folder you wish to link to. Once inside the file folder, you will see a list of files that you have uploaded there.

Click the box next to the file you wish to link to, select “Show copy and paste info” from the drop down menu at the bottom and then Submit.

* Note – make sure you have the Show copy and paste info option selected before hitting submit.

After submission, you will see the same copy and paste code from the upload process before. Now you can copy and paste this code into the content editor.

Remember: The copy and paste text is reported in this format:

<a href=”{filedir_1}New_Text_Document.txt“> New_Text_Document.txt</a>

You will need to copy and paste the following part of the text into the “Link URL” box:



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