Adding Images to your Website

To insert an image into your page, place the cursor where you would like the image to appear, select the Insert  button, and choose Image from the drop-down menu. The Insert Image dialog will appear.

Use the Browse  button to upload and select an image from your site. Select Images from the Shortcuts menu to navigate to the Images folder of the website. Select Upload from the File Options menu to upload a file from your computer. Choose an image from the file manager and click Select.

Additional options:

  • Description – If you would like search engines to recognize this image, it is important to add a short description.
  • Width & Height – If an image is larger than 600px wide, you should enter a smaller width value. It is important to resize large images before adding them to the website. This will help to preserve the website layout, and minimize loading time for website visitors.

To insert the image in the page, click Submit.


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