Tips for Image Selection

Overall, image selection will largely depend on the design of your web site. Listed below are some general guidelines to assist you with this process.

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Authorization Form to Utilize Images

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General Tips

  • Use royalty free images – they are considerably less expensive
  • Select subjects/people that represent the perception or feeling you want to convey
  • Request images from equipment vendors, request authorization to use
  • Select closely grouped people
  • Select people who are generally looking at you
  • Select images that follow the orientation and color scheme of your site. Generally speaking, horizontal images work best in most designs.

Taking your own pictures?

  • Use high resolution setting – optimal size listed (images will likely range from 1.2 – 2mb in size)
  • Use a tripod, where possible
  • Take a few pictures as examples and then send to your Project Manager for review before
  • taking all your pictures.

Compile your list of photos and forward to your project manager, identifying the following:

  • Title of picture or image
  • ID and vendor (iStockphoto, Getty, …)
  • Where the image should be placed on your site Flash Banner
  • No clipped or chopped subjects (people, equipment)

Interior Pages

  • Basic Template Sites include use of only one (1) image for both your home page and interior pages
  • Additional interior page image(s) are optional at time plus materials (image cost)

Does Practis Inc keep Stock Photos available for my use?

We do not stock photos.

You can use to find pictures that you would like to use. You can then either purchase them yourself and email them to me, or you can have us purchase them and we will just add the cost of the photos to the billing for the update requested.

You will want to pay very close attention to the cost of the photos. The “small” size should be 10 credits or less. Some of them can cost hundreds of dollars so make sure whatever pictures you select have a 10 credit or less version. You can check the credits by clicking on a the thumbnail for the photo.


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