How do I request an update or change to my website?

Depending on the features installed with your site, you may be able to complete simple updates on your own. However, at times you may want to contact our team, so that can can make some of the more advanced updates or enhancements for you. Such changes may include, altering the site’s navigation, adding new pages; adding video, flash, or custom tools like a News or Job Manager.

Most updates will be completed within 48 hours and you will receive an e-mail when they have been completed. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours please call our office to make sure that your request was received.

Submit a request online

  • When submitting update requests be sure to identify:
    • The domain name (website address) where the update should be applied.
    • Add the website address to the subject line of your email or request form.
    • Where the content should be placed. Provide the link to the specific pages of your site.
    • Any specific details that we must address such as order of copy, physicians, biographies etc.
  • Submit all updates in electronic format. Do not fax or send scanned text. There is a fee for transcribing text.
  • Clearly advise us as to what it is you would like changed or added, how you would like it changed or added and the page where the updates should be applied.
  • Send textual copy that is ready to be published. Copy will be added as is to the website according to your instructions, so be clear and provide as much detail as necessary. Send links to pages to be modified.
  • When submitting updates remember the web page length is equivalent to an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper, including page navigation and images. (For best viewing of website pages, we do our best to limit the vertical and horizontal page scroll)
  • To help us more effectively address your request please add [website address AKA domain name] to the subject line of your email.

Please Note: updates are billed as they are completed. We will proceed to address all requests under $100.00 and will invoice once complete. If you have a maintenance agreement with us most textual updates are covered under that agreement and you will not receive an additional invoice.  If you have questions as to whether an update is billable or not, please contact your account representative.

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