Are we able to send an email confirmation to the individual that completed our secure form?

Yes. Your secure form has the ability to send a simple email confirmation. For this feature to be available we must:

  • configure your new form to require the collection of the respondents email address
  • enable the option to “Use this field for submission-confirmation emails”

If your form has been configured to support this feature, when viewing the results of a submission, a button will be visible which allows you to “Send E-mail Confirmation”. If you are interested in this ability, please indicate this in your request at time of form set-up.

Example of email confirmation message:


Practis <>

Mailed-by: (a paid service to minimize the potential of the messages being flagged as spam)


Subject Line:

Confirmation – [Practice/Organization Name]

Message Body:

This e-mail is to confirm that we have received and are processing your request. If you have any questions regarding this submission, please contact us.

Thank you,
[Practice/Organization Name]


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