Adding New Articles

Upon first logging into the News Module you will be taken to the articles section. You may also access this section by clicking on the Articles tab at the top of the application.

To add an article click on the Add article option on the left hand side shown here, and continue the steps below:

  • Once you are at the Add a new article screen you may begin filling out the respected data fields. The status is the first field which will allow the user to select whether or not if the article should be Live, Hidden, or Archived. The news Module allows for these statuses to be changed at later date if needed.
  • Hidden articles will not be shown until the status is changed to live or archived. When an archive article is created a new section on your website will be created called “News Archive.” This section will display all of your archived articles where as the news homepage will display all of the live articles.
  • Once the status is determined, the user will fill out the category field (not required) and the date posted field (required).
  • User will then complete filling out the title of the article and adding the body of the article to the respected text box at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on add this article.

IMPORTANT: Please note that as per your training, if you prepare content within a Word Processor application like Microsoft Word, you must paste your finale content into a text editor like Microsoft Notepad before copying and pasting into the “Article’s” editor window.

This step must be done as extra code, and text formatting characters will be included into the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor window resulting in broken pages.

Please be sure to check your website whenever you have made changes. It is recommended that you clear your browser’s “cache” (CTRL+F5) when you are viewing the page you have just modified. This will typically permit you to review and verify that your latest changes have been completed appropriately. If you notice any problems after your update has been completed, please contact our office for assistance.


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