Can I allow my SEO Consultant or any third party access to my website and web hosting account?

As a healthcare web company, for security reasons we restrict access to our dedicated web servers to clients only.

FTP/SFTP Access is not available on Practis' dedicated web servers

We do not permit SFTP access to customers or any third party organization.  This is our policy due to the storage of ePHI (electronic personal health information) on our dedicated database server and the increased potential for data breach and system “hacking”.

We realize this may be an inconvenience, however for the protection of our client’s and Practis Inc., we do our best to minimize the risk of exposure. 

Customer Information

Practis’ standard policy stipulates that staff shall not to divulge customer information to any third party organization or its staff. In addition, Practis requires all client contacts to be pre-approved and authorized to communicate and make requests of Practis Inc.

As noted within executed hosting agreements

“…Access to web hosting services is restricted to Clients only. Practis does not permit access to any third party organizations nor allow duplication, scraping, mirroring in any manner of Website and any features including secure forms, database applications.”

Website content scraping, duplication or mirroring is Prohibited

Customer websites may include licensed, copyright material and/or forms which collect electronic personal health information ePHI.  Due to security and copyright protection reasons, content scraping, duplication or mirroring is prohibited.  

Communications with clients and their representatives

Practis requires all customer contacts to be pre-approved and authorized to make requests of Practis Inc.  In the event that a work authorization or website change request is needed, all correspondences must be made with an approved and authorized contact.

Authorized contacts are logged and maintained within our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.  Unless listed, Practis Staff will not communicate with individuals who are not listed.
How to request updates

If you are an existing, approved contact you may request updates to our approved contact list.  Be sure to provide the email and/or phone number that we have on file. Add details in the comments area as needed. Practis Staff will respond as needed.  If you do not receive a response within 24 hours. Please call us directly.

Password Management

Users should not share their username and password with others, this includes colleagues, third party organizations and/or family members.  Treat your user credentials like you would your toothbrush.

Adobe Contribute Users

Due to recent HIPAA regulations, we are no longer offering Adobe Contribute support. FTP and Secure FTP access is no longer available.

We encourage current Adobe Contribute users  to consider our web based Practis CMS as it is much easier to use and does not require additional software on your computer, beyond a recent, up-to-date web browser.

For more information on how to upgrade to Practis CMS, please contact us.

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