The Pages section contains a list of all of the pages you have added to Encounter.

You can edit any page by clicking the name of the page.

You can create new pages by clicking the Create a New Page button.

You can organize your pages into groups by clicking the Manage Page Groups button.

Creating / Editing Page Content

Each page contains 4 elements.

Page Title - or name of the page. The Page Title is used to label this page in navigation areas and also appears in the HTML <title> tag.

Keywords - is an optional field that contains a comma separated list of important words used in the page's content. Keywords will appear in the HTML keywords <meta> tag.

Description - is another optional field that contains concise explanation of the page's content. Description will appear in the HTML description <meta> tag.

Page Content - is the main body of the page. The Rich Text Editor will allow you to type content as you would in a standard word processing application.

If you have pre-written content you can copy and paste it into the editor window.

Page Groups

A page group is an organized collection pages. For example, a group called "Conditions" may have several pages on about heart conditions, urological conditions, etc. You can make as many groups as you like and add as many pages to each group as you like.

Page groups allow you to create parent-child relationships using an intuitive drag and drop interface.

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