Adding Images

Now that you have uploaded and linked to files on your websites pages, you might want to add images to the content areas you are editing.

First thing to do is make sure that you have uploaded the picture to the appropriate file folder for images and have retrieved the file link from the steps mentioned before.

In the WYSIWIG / Content Editor, place the cursor in the area that you want to place an image. Now that you have selected a spot on the page, select the insert/edit an image option:

After you have selected the image option, you will see a pop-up box appear that you will then be able to place the file link in the URL box. Make sure you remove all extra link information before the /images/, as you will not need this link information. All you need is the /images/filename of image.

After you place the link, select the Appearance tab and choose whether you want it to be placed on the right, left or center of the page.

After you have done this, just click Insert and the image will be placed in the WYSIWIG / Content Editor. Make sure to UPDATE in the WYSIWIG, in order to save the new changes you have just made.



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