Uploading and Managing Files

To upload documents, images and other files to your website, you will need to access the File Manager module. To access the File Manager module, select the File Manager tab from the main CMS navigation.

Uploading New Files

To upload a new file, select the upload destination from the list of destinations. When you select a destination you will see a list of all the files currently in that directory on the server. If none are present you will see the following message “No files available in directory”.

To upload a new file to this directory, select Upload new files to this folder. You should now see the file upload form.

After you have successfully uploaded the file(s), you will see a screen displaying the results of your upload.

On this screen, you can then copy and paste the link to this file on the appropriate page you want insert this link on. The copy and paste text is reported in the following format:

<a href=”{filedir_1}New_Text_Document.txt“> New_Text_Document.txt</a>

You will need to copy and paste the following part of the text into the “Link URL” box as described in Section 4 below:


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