Misc Handy Tools

Slideshare - A place to share and distribute your powerpoint presentations. Upload your files and then share them with a link, tag, comment or embed in a blog.

YouSendIt - Send us files that are too big for email or being rejected by a mail scanner. By using the free service YouSendIt.com you can send files up to 100 mb in size for free and without an account.

Site Down Checker - Enter your website address into form to determine if only you simply can’t see it or if your site is really down.

Health News Feeds - Index of the latest Health and Medical RSS Feeds and News Syndication from MedicineNet.

whois - Who.is has a large suite of tools related to whois, websites, domain names and ip addresses.

Google Translator - Google’s free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages.

What’s My Web Browser - If you don’t know what browser and version you are using, this website will let you know.

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