Form Settings

This page can only be accessed by account administrators.

The Form Settings page displays a list of forms that you can view/manage. If you would like to add more forms, please contact Practis.

To edit settings for form, click the form name from the list.


Embed Code

Paste this code in your website where you would like the form to appear.

Introductory Text

The content entered in this text box will be displayed above the form.

Thank You Text

The content entered in this text box will be displayed after a user has submitted a form.

You may also choose if you would like to display form fields and user responses on the thank you page.

Submission Listing Fields

User responses for the checked fields will be displayed on the Form Submissions page.

Submission Notifications

Users who should be emailed when a new form submission is received.

By default, anyone with access to view form submissions will receive an email notification.

If you choose to specify a custom Address List, Enter email address(es), one per line, that should be alerted when a new form submission is received.

Submission Formatter

The format used to display submission details. Pracits Forms offers two formatters:

  • Default - Two column layout, with field names on the left, and field responses on the right.
  • Stacked - One column layout, with field names listed above field responses.
If you would like a custom formatter developed for your company, please contact our support team for pricing.

Edit Form Fields

Some Practis Forms contain fields that are able to be edited.

To edit form field, navigate to Settings, then click the Edit Fields button for the form you wish to edit.

Note: Some forms and fields are not editable. If you cannot edit a form or field, please contact Practis.


This will display a list of Field Groups and Fields for the selected Form.

Field Groups

Form fields are arranged into field groups.

Name - The name displayed for a group of fields.

Instructions - Additional text displayed below the Field Group Name.


Label - The name displayed for this field.

Description - Additional text displayed below the Field Label.

Options - A list of options displayed for this field. (displayed for checkboxes, radios, and drop-down fields only)

Required? - Whether or not this field must be completed in order to submit the form.

To edit a field, click the field label from the list.



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