Form Submissions

On the Form Submissions page, you will see a list of all the forms that are currently active on your site. If you click on a form, it will bring you to the submissions for that form. Form submissions are displayed in a table. If there is a new submission for that form, then it will be displayed in bold. Any submission that has been viewed will have a grey background and will not be bold. To view a submission, click the “View Submission” button.

Once on the form submission page, you will see all the info filled out by the patient. On the right, you will see several options to either Print the submission, Export the submission, Delete the submission or return back to the submissions page.

Please note: Submissions older than 30 days are automatically deleted. Once a submission is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Should you wish to retain this data, please export submissions.

To export a single submission, view the single submission and click the “Export the submission” link to the right. To export all submissions for an individual form, view all the submissions for that form and click the “Export all submissions” to the right. Clicking those links will display a download prompt which allows you to download the submissions as an .xls file which you can open with Microsoft Excel or any other program that allows you to view spreadsheets.

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