Adding Jobs

Click Jobs in the main navigation. This will display the Jobs section.

This section allows the user to add, edit or delete jobs, and add, edit or delete job categories.

Follow the steps below to add a job:

  • Click "Add a job" from the left hand side menu.
  • Once you are at the Add a new job screen you may begin filling out the respected data fields. The status is the first field which will allow the user to select whether or not if the job should be Live or Hidden. The news Module allows for these statuses to be changed at later date if needed. Jobs may be set to hidden if a job position is currently unavailable and set to live when it becomes available. Jobs do not need to be added and deleted every time a position becomes open or filled.
  • Once the status is determined, the user will fill out the category field (not required), the date posted field (required), and unpost date (not required).
  • User will then complete filling out the job title, job status (part time, full time, or contract), and adding job salary (not required).
  • User then can add a job description in the appropriate text box. Click on add this article.
  • At this time you can go to your jobs homepage on your website to view the job you have just posted.

IMPORTANT: Please note that as per your training, if you prepare content within a Word Processor application like Microsoft Word, you must paste your finale content into a text editor like Microsoft Notepad before copying and pasting into the “Article’s” editor window.

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